Warranty Specifics

Each server ships individually packaged, and in some circumstances components will ship in a separate box to further reduce the chances of damage while in transit. Equipment occasionally becomes damaged in transit without it being obvious on the packaging. If you receive damaged equipment, do not discard any packaging, and contact us right away at 877-921-9700. We will ask for specific photos to better inform our carrier of the damage and to file a claim. In the meantime, we will get another item tested, updated and shipped out so there's minimal delay. If your equipment arrives with any technical issues, please contact us. Many issues can be diagnosed and fixed over the phone or via email. You must troubleshoot with our technicians to resolve functionality issues; we cannot send any replacements without first working with you to verify the malfunctioning component(s).

What IS covered: All hardware components in your order. If any component is malfunctioning, our technicians will work with you to diagnose and replace the faulty part right away. The replacement part will include a return label for you to send the malfunctioning one back at our cost.

What is NOT covered: Cosmetic imperfections; we can only replace parts that negatively impact performance. Electrical damage like a power surge from lightning, “dirty power”, etc., fire or smoke damage, moisture or humidity damage. Operating outside of the manufacturer's supported specifications We only offer limited support towards software or driver related issues that are not related to faulty hardware.

Available Warranties

90 Day
1 Year
2 Year
3 Year

Warranties and warranty upgrades cover all failed parts from the invoice date.
(Example: If you purchase a system on Jan 2025 that comes with a 1 year warranty, upgrading to a 3 year warranty will cover the system until Jan 2028; 3 years from original invoice date.)
Message us with any questions, thank you for your business!