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Getting Started with your HP server - Step One: Raid setup

The first thing to do once you've powered on your server is to set up your hard drives. The tutorial below features a simple RAID 1 setup with two drives.

Note: if you've setup Ilo Advanced you can do the following remotely through the Ilo Remote console. See Setup Ilo

Enter the RAID setup

During the initial power on the server will give you the opportunity to enter the RAID setup. On newer servers, it will ask you to press any key to see the POST messages. Only then will you see the prompts.

The prompt to enter the RAID controller will look like this.

Raid Prompt

Press the F8 key to enter the RAID setup and you'll be presented with the following.

Raid Main Page

Since we haven't set anything up yet we'll want to highlight "Create Logical Drive" and press Enter. We'll get the following screen.

Raid Main Page

We only have two drives in this example and they're already selected. To select and deselect a drive use the arrow keys to highlight a drive and press the Space bar.

Use the TAB key to move to the "Raid Configurations" window. Highlight the configuration you want and press Space. Since we have only two drives in this case we want RAID 10. (With two drives this is the same as RAID 1)

Press Enter to create the array. On the next screen Press F8 to confirm.

Note, you can make as many logical drives as you want within the limits how many drives you have. If you have 4 drives you can make a RAID 5 or 10. Or you can make a 2 drive RAID 1 and then go back to the main menu to create another one. If you have an extra drive, you can set it up as a spare. Note the Spare option on the Creation screen. The spare will take over if another drive goes bad.

Now that you have created your array you're ready install your OS. If you're installing Windows or Linux you can boot straight to a DVD. If you would rather install from a flash drive, see the Next step below

Step Two: Install OS from flash drive.

See also: Step 3: Setup HP Ilo
Step 4: Install HP utilities
Date Published: 2016-07-27
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