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How to connect to the console on a Dell MD storage array

To enter the console for an MD series storage controller you will need the service cable (PN: MN657).

Once connected to the controller and a serial port, use putty to login to the controller.

Connection settings
baud: 115200
data bits: 8
stop bits: 1

To enter the service menu press Ctrl-Break and then press S (case sensititive).

The default password is supportDell

Here you can view and change the management IP address.

If you are having serious issues with the array and need to get to lower level commands, you can do the following.

Press Ctrl-Break
Instead of hitting S press Esc
You should get a vxWorks login:
Username: shellUsr
passsword: DF4m/2>

Note: it's much easier to copy and paste the user/password into the putty terminal. Just right click to paste.

Common commands:



Note: the above command wipes the configuration. If you have data you need, do NOT run the above command. You can type SysWipe to get a list of all reset commands, including nondestuctive options.


Date Published: 2016-07-15
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