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Install firmware for the HP P410i storage controller using a Linux Live USB drive

OS independent update

If you do not have an OS installed, you will need to boot to a Linux live DVD or USB flash drive.

You can download the latest firmware from HP's website. Open the "Firmware - Storage Controller" and download the Supplemental update.

You can download version 6.64 from our website

Download a Fedora 32bit live DVD from our website or from Linux Freedom.

Download the Linux Live USB creator (LiLi). Unzip the program and run LiLi USB Creator.

In the Step one box, select a formatted USB drive.

In Step two, click on ISO and select the Fedora ISO downloaded earlier.

Click the lightning bolt in step 5 to start.

When it finishes, copy the firmware rpm file to the USB drive.

Boot the server using the newly created USB flash drive.

At the Fedora boot prompt, select Live mode.
Click close at the next prompt.

Once at the Desktop, you can click on activities on the upper left to start Firefox. You can go to to see these instructions on the server.
This will allow you to copy and paste the instructions below (to copy and paste in linux, highlight the text you want to copy and hit Ctrl-C. Use the middle mouse button to paste).

Click on Activites. Type
and press enter.

In the terminal, type or copy and paste the following one line at time. Press enter after each line.

cd /run/initramfs/live
sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1
sudo rpm -i hp-firmware-410i.i386.rpm
cd /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/hp-scexe-compat/
sudo ./CP026510.scexe

Note: hp-firmware-410i.i386.rpm and CP026510.scexe may be different depending the firmware version. You can type dir to get the filenames or hit the TAB key for command completion. (e.g. sudo rpm -i hp-firm<TAB>) or ./CP<TAB>

This will start the firmware process. Type yes at the prompt to begin.

Restart the server to complete the process.


Command details.

Change to the directory the USB drive is mounted.

cd /run/initramfs/live

Remount the USB drive read/write

sudo mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1

Install the HP firmware onto the linux USB drive. (this extracts the update files)

sudo rpm -i hp-firmware-410i.i386.rpm

Change to the directory that the HP installation extracted the update files.

cd /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/hp-scexe-compat/

run the firmware update file from the current directory.

sudo ./CP026510.scexe

Date Published: 2015-06-25
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