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How to install Ubuntu on a Dell PowerEdge R610, R710

Enter RAID controller using ctrl+R
hit F2 and select create New VD
RAID 0 is the default. Hit enter to enter the menu with choices(you want RAID 1, 10, or 5)
select the physical disks to put into the raid. Space bar selects them or deselects them
hit OK once you have selected all of the virtual disks
now the virtual disk must be initialized
To do this hit F2. Choose initialization and then "fast init" Use the arrow keys
Hit "yes" to confirm changes

Now your RAID is set up. Now you need to reboot the server and boot into the Ubuntu Disk or USB stick depending on which you created. To bring up the boot menu hit F11. This will give you all the choices of the devices you can boot from.

Choose your keyboard layout(English) and continue Ubuntu install until you reach the page titled(Installation type). Here you want to make sure the option "Erase disk and install Ubuntu" is installed. This will ensure you are performing a clean install.

The only other screen on the install you have to worry about is the page titled "Who are you?"
Here you will set up:
your name
your computer's name

Ubuntu will begin installing and require a reboot upon completion.

Date Published: 2014-12-08
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